Sherry Country

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Sharing a passion for all things related to Sherry wines in and around Sherry Country, Cádiz, Spain.

“As a result of my experience as founder of the inaugural International Sherry Week - I began to realise that Sherry wines are the ecosystem of so many things related to the Spanish, and particularly the Andalusian culture, which includes Tapas, Flamenco, Horses, Bulls, Architecture, The Sea, The Sun, Gastronomia, Art and Cinema.

The International Sherry Week journey has inspired a newly ignited passion in me to create a Sherry hub showcasing the incredible people, their history, and their culture to the world. will unite Sherry aficionados and professionals internationally through an online community, sharing experiences, and original content aimed at inspiring and connecting a new generation of Sherry consumers. The stories will not be limited to only the wines but will also showcase all of the interrelated industries and projects surrounding the Sherry ecosystem, based in and around the famous triangle that is El Marco de Jerez, in the province of Cadiz.”

Chelsea Anthon Penas
Founder of International Sherry Week

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